A Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment Might Repair Damaged Tissues And Reduce Your Knee Pain

If you have knee pain from a sports injury or arthritis that has turned into a chronic situation, you may be thinking about having knee surgery. You may want to talk to your doctor first about stem cell injections. When stem cells are injected into your knee, the progression of deterioration might slow down and your injured tissues may even regenerate so you can postpone or avoid surgery. Here's how knee pain stem cell treatments work.

Your Body Produces Stem Cells Naturally

The stem cells used in this type of regenerative treatment come from your body. The doctor may harvest them from your fat or bone marrow. It's possible to do this because your body produces stem cells naturally to do various repair work in your body.

A stem cell hasn't yet become a bone or muscle cell, but it has the ability to become the type of cell needed. This allows the doctor to inject the cells into your knee so they can start repairing the tissues that have deteriorated.

The Cells Are Drawn Right Before They're Injected

When you get a stem cell treatment, the doctor usually draws the cells from your bone or fat the same day you get the injections. The cells are drawn and processed first, so that adds to the length of your appointment. When the cells are ready, they're injected into the areas of your knee that have damage.

You'll probably receive a local anesthetic first, so the injections shouldn't be too painful, but if you have concerns about pain while collecting the stem cells or injecting them, let your doctor know so you can discuss the type of anesthetic or sedation you'll receive.

Full Results May Take A Few Weeks

A stem cell treatment is often done in a clinic or doctor's office, so a hospital stay isn't usually needed. You should be able to walk on your own after the injections if you were mobile before them. You might need to rest for a day, but you can go back to many of your normal activities by the next day. Your doctor lets you know what to expect during your recovery period and when you can go back to playing sports.

You might notice a little improvement in your knee in a day or two, but full results from a knee pain stem cell treatment could take weeks. That's because the stem cells have to repair tissues, and that takes time. Once your tissues have repaired themselves, the results could last for years. 

For more info about knee pain stem cell therapy, contact a local doctor.