How To Prepare For A Colonoscopy

If you've never had a colonoscopy and your doctor informs you that you need to get one it can bring up a lot of anxiety. The key to reducing this anxiety is to be as prepared as possible for the procedure.

With a few preparation guidelines, you will feel more comfortable on the day of the procedure. Here's a closer look at how you can start preparing yourself for your colonoscopy procedure.

Reduce Fiber

One of the first things you will need to do is to reduce the amount of fiber that you are eating. There are certain foods that you need to consume less of to prepare for your colonoscopy. You should eat fewer whole grains, raw vegetables, and fruits. You should also cut back on the number of beans and nuts that you are eating as these foods contain a lot of fiber.

Select a Good Liquid Prep

Before you can do a colonoscopy you're going to have to prepare by drinking some liquids. These liquids will come in a  variety of tastes and volumes. Your doctor will discuss with you the right prep for your needs. It's always best to work closely with your doctor to select the right prep. If you start feeling bloated or nauseous in any way your doctor may have to lower your prep volume.

There are also prescription and over-the-counter preps available. Over-the-counter preps are a lot cheaper than prescription perhaps so if you have financial issues your doctor may suggest the cheapest option.

How to Drink Your Prep

One of the easiest ways to consume your prep is by drinking it cold. When you drink it cold you can use a straw to help you finish it. It is always good to get a flavored prep so that it is easier on the taste buds. However, if you do get an unflavored prep you can add lemon and other flavorings to it to make it more palatable.

Expect Frequent Bathroom Trips

Going to the bathroom more frequently is almost a given when you are doing your prep for a colonoscopy. You can expect to have bowel movements very suddenly. This is why it is always best to stay close to home and to wear comfortable clothing so that you can easily use the bathroom if necessary.

Getting through your colonoscopy procedure smoothly is possible. Just be sure you do all the things that have been discussed here so that you are well-prepared and comfortable on the big day.