Why You Need Dental Surgery To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are already fully erupted and causing no problems in your mouth, your traditional dentist can remove them quickly and easily. Your wisdom teeth just get pulled like a regular tooth would, requiring a local painkiller only to minimize discomfort while you have the procedure done. Many people get one or more of their wisdom teeth pulled in this fashion, which is usually cheaper than going through oral surgery to have them removed.

However, not all patients can have their wisdom teeth removed in a traditional fashion. One or more of your wisdom teeth may require dental surgery to remove and your general dentist cannot do this procedure and will refer you to a dental surgeon to have your wisdom teeth taken out. If you want to save money, you can have the less-impactful teeth pulled in your regular dentist's chair, then make an appointment to have your other teeth pulled by an oral surgeon on another date. Here are reasons why you need dental surgery to have your wisdom teeth pulled.

Your wisdom teeth are impacted

The modern human mouth is not designed to carry and successfully grow wisdom teeth. If you have a shorter jaw line or large adult teeth, your wisdom teeth are likely to grow in at an angle or sideways, causing them to not fully erupt. It's not uncommon for your wisdom teeth to partially erupt then go back down into your gums, which causes pain, inflammation, and sometimes even infection in your gums.

This condition is called having impacted wisdom teeth and makes removing the offending teeth hard to do without digging them out. Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal if one or more of your teeth are impacted. The sooner you have them removed, the easier the procedure can be.

Your wisdom teeth are affecting other teeth

Your wisdom can be hard to brush since they're so far back in your mouth. If they're growing in sideways, they can become infected with disease, which can also  infect the surrounding teeth. If your wisdom teeth are causing a lot of oral decay, your general dentist will likely refer you to a dental surgeon to have the teeth removed due the excessive work that needs to be done on your mouth. Talk to your dentist about your wisdom teeth to see if having an oral surgeon do your tooth removal is best for your dental situation.

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