Insight To Help You Prepare For A Medical Spa Treatment

A medical spa treatment is a great way to focus on your own needs and how you can improve areas of your body and physical appearance. Whether you want to get a few Botox injections or enjoy a liposuction treatment for some of your body's problem areas, a medical spa—such as Regenesis MD—and its professional services can make the process easy and relaxing. Here are some tips to help you to prepare for an upcoming medical spa treatment service.

Consult With the Provider

There are many types of medical spa treatments you can choose from based on what type of improvements you are wanting to use. For example, if you are concerned with some areas of your body and their appearance, you can look at liposuction or a cool sculpting treatment to minimize the specific areas of tissue. You can also look to plump up an area, such as your cheeks or lips with some soft tissue fillers or Botox injections. Or if you are tired of shaving your underarms, your legs, or other areas you can look into a laser hair removal to permanently remove the hair from the specific area.

Talk to the provider, whether it is completed by a doctor or an aesthetician based on the needs of the procedure, to find out what the process will entail and what you can expect. It is good to be upfront about what you are looking to get with improvements so they can guide you through your choices to get the right fit for your specific needs.

Prepare For the Procedure

Once you have chosen your specific medical procedure, you will need to get ready for the appointment and the procedure that will take place. There can be some specific health effects a medical treatment can have on you if you do not prepare properly, so make sure you follow the doctor's preparation steps. This may include avoiding alcohol or smoking before the procedure because they can cause you to bruise and experience more swelling after the appointment. Also avoid pain relievers that contain elements that can act as a blood thinner, such as Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, and also some types of fish oils. 

If you are having a facial treatment, plan to keep your face clean before the procedure and not use any moisturizer creams, makeup, or other applications on your skin, because the technician will need to wash it completely off your skin before they can proceed with the treatment.