Why Should A Pediatrician Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

For many people, getting a child's ears pierced is a rite of passage. Many people consider getting a baby's ears pierced as well. The baby may look beautiful with small studs, but how can you be sure that you are making a safe and healthy choice?

A pediatrician can help you through this process, ensuring that your child's ears are in good hands. Here's why you should only trust a doctor to pierce your baby's ears.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

Infection is a serious issue you do not want to experience when your child gets a piercing. When you work with a pediatrician, you can decrease the risk of infection as much as possible. One reason the pediatrician's office is a great place for this is that the sanitation practices are better than many mall kiosks and boutiques. Pediatricians and their staff members sanitize tools day in and day out, so you can trust that their tools are safe.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

You can also prevent injury that often occurs when children get cartilage piercings. When the pediatrician performs the procedure, you can reduce the risk of your child experiencing an injury that could cause pain or the need for another procedure in the future.

Safe Tools Used to Pierce

You can also trust a pediatrician to use only the best equipment available. They use piercing tools that are medical grade, which may be different from the piercing guns used elsewhere. Plus, the earrings used will be of the best quality to avoid injury and irritation.

Understand Your Child's History

If you go to a pediatrician you have worked with in the past, you can trust that they will make the best decision for your child's health. A professional will ensure that your child's health comes first. In fact, you may even be able to pair your child's ear piercing with other necessary health procedures.

Provide Aftercare Instructions

The riskiest time after a child gets their ears pierced is after they get home. If you want to do your best to prevent infection, you need to know the steps to take. Your pediatrician will provide thorough instructions to both you and your child.

Contact a Pediatrician Today

Are you ready to make a safe and healthy choice for your child? Medical ear piercing may be your best option. Contact a pediatrician to learn more about your options for medical ear piercing.