Tips To Keep Your Neck Pain In Check Until You Can Get Professional Help

Did you wake up this morning with a sharp pain in your neck? Perhaps your neck feels strained after exerting yourself in an athletic activity? Whatever the reason for your pain, you are likely quite interested in doing what you can to ease your discomfort. If you can't get to a doctor right away, here are some tips that might help.

Heat or Ice Could Reduce Pain or Swelling

If the pain seems chronic and won't go away on its own or if your neck seems especially stiff, the application of heat is a time-tested treatment that may allow the muscles in your neck to loosen and ease your pain in the process. You could apply a warm towel to your neck or try a heated pad or muscle relaxation cream. If your neck is hurting because of a very recent injury, you may want to go with ice first before switching to heat. Ice can help numb your neck pain and also prevent swelling in the area following your injury.

Stretch Your Neck Out But Avoid Sudden Movements

If your neck is stiff, you may be able to ease your discomfort by slowly moving your head from side to side or in a circular motion. It's important though that you roll your neck slowly and in a consistent manner. Don't jerk your neck side to side and try to avoid any additional sudden movements as this could cause the problem to worsen.

Maintain Good Posture

If you must get through the next workday with your neck pain, try and make sure you maintain good posture while sitting at your desk. Avoid allowing your head to tilt forward as you stare at your computer screen. Keep your head level and your back straight as well. If you are in this for the long term, there are office chairs you can purchase that provide additional support for the neck area, allowing you to lean back into the chair while still working from a comfortable position.

If Over the Counter Medication or Home Remedies Aren't Working, Get Professional Help

Finally, you can also try some basic over the counter pain medications in addition to the above tips to try and ease your pain. But if it's clear nothing is working or the pain seems chronic and always returns, you may need professional assistance. Contact a local pain management doctor in order to get your neck pain under control.