Planning A Scattering Service: Three Things To Consider

When your loved one chooses cremation and leaves instructions to have the cremains scattered, you'll need to know what goes into planning a scattering service. Your funeral home director can help you with all the details, but there are some things you'll want to take into consideration as you plan. Use this guide to help as you make the final preparations for your loved one's scattering service.

Get Permission First

Depending on where your loved one wanted the cremains to be scattered, you may need to get permission first. There may be local ordinances or permits that need to be acquired first, and some locations may not permit scattering at all. Talk to your funeral home director about the place your loved one chose, and work together to see if it is suitable for scattering. If you can't get permission, look for alternative locations that might still fit within your loved one's wishes. For example, if your loved one wanted the cremains to be scattered by a specific bridge in a local park and it's not allowed, look for a similar location to hold the service.

Determine Scattering Options

Of course, when you do host the scattering service, you don't have to use all of the cremains. Some families prefer to scatter a ceremonial amount and keep the rest in an urn at home. You may even find that your family doesn't want to part with the cremains. In this case, you can bring the urn to the ceremony and spread just a handful of the cremains. Be sure you discuss this option with the entire family in advance, and work with your funeral home director to find a respectful way to perform this service for your loved one.

Decide Who Will Attend

When planning the service, you may decide that you only want close friends and family present. Remember that the scattering service doesn't have to be performed at or in lieu of a traditional funeral or memorial service. You can choose a more private option by only inviting a select few to attend. If you do plan to scatter cremains after the funeral or memorial service, ask your funeral home director to make an announcement before the scattering portion of the service is set to begin. He or she can advise those not requested to be in attendance to make their way to the funeral luncheon venue so you and your family can share this private moment together.