3 Signs That Your Child Should Be Treated For Athlete’s Foot

Athlete's foot is uncomfortable and decreases the quality of your child's life if left untreated. Caused by an overgrowth of contagious fungi, athlete's foot can infect both skin and nails. And if it's not treated properly, the infection could spread to others who live in your home – or even to other kids at school. Here are three signs that could mean your child should be treated for athlete's foot:

Foot Conditions Seem to Be Changing

If your child has developed athlete's foot, it's likely that noticeable skin changes would occur as time goes on. You may notice that your little one's feet are getting dry and scaly, or that they tend to itch their feet a lot when they don't have any shoes on. If you notice a lot of itching or discomfort but no noticeable signs of a rash, look between the toes where skin conditions typically change first. Any sign of redness, dryness, or cracking of the skin combined with excessive itching may indicate the presence of athlete's foot and a specialist should be consulted so treatment can start as soon as possible.

You Notice a Hand Rash or Infection

If your child's athlete's foot is left untreated, it could possibly spread to their hands. This may happen if your child itches and rubs their feet often without washing up afterward. The fungi is transferred from the feet to the hands and produces the same types of symptoms that tend to appear on the feet. And your child's hands can become infected without their feet being infected if they expose themselves to infected towels or moist public spaces where the fungi thrives. Any signs of red, flaky, itchy, or scaly skin on the hands should be checked out by an athlete's foot specialist.

You Hear Complaints about Being Active

Another sign that your child needs to be treated for athlete's foot is that they seem to be complaining a lot when it comes time to get active. Whether it's walking, playing their favorite sport, or traversing their way through a school day, if your child complains of itchiness, pain, or general discomfort after putting their shoes on and getting active, it's a good idea to check for skin symptoms of athlete's feet and have them seen by a specialist.

It's important to see a specialist at the earliest sign of athlete's foot, as the sooner your child is treated, the less likely it will be that the fungi spreads throughout your household. For more information, visit a site like http://familyfootanklephysicians.com/.