Beyond Headaches: Six More Subtle Signs Of A Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are, not surprisingly, very serious. The sooner you discover you have one, the sooner you can have it removed, increasing your chances of making a full recovery. Unfortunately, some people don't have their brain tumors diagnosed as early as they could because they overlook the early signs of this condition. You don't always get headaches when you have a brain tumor. Sometimes you might experience some more subtle signs like these:

Changes in Vision

Has your vision become worse and worse after being stable for many years? Visit your eye doctor to have them rule out any other possible causes, like glaucoma or macular degeneration. If your eyes themselves seem to be in good shape, the problem may be a brain tumor that's pressing on your optic nerve.

Strange Smells

Do you find yourself noticing odd or unappealing smells that nobody else seems to notice? Maybe things that used to smell appealing now make you feel sick. These changes can both be symptoms of a brain tumor that is pressing on your olfactory nerve -- the nerve that controls your sense of smell.

Spells of Dizziness

It's easy to overlook spells of dizziness, blaming them on dehydration, low blood sugar, or a lack of sleep. But if you're suffering from more than the occasional bout of dizziness, it's time to look into the possibility that you're suffering a brain tumor. Sometimes the spells may pass quickly, and other times they may last for an hour or more.


There are many, many possible causes of fatigue, from depression to vitamin deficiencies. But if you're struggling with chronic fatigue and are struggling to find an explanation for it, then consider the possibility that is being caused by a brain tumor. You may be sleeping more than usual, falling asleep in the middle of the day, or simply feeling wiped out even when you've gotten your full allotment of sleep, whatever that is for you.


Fumbling for your keys or tripping on your own feet every once in a while is not usually a big deal. But if you seem to be getting more and more clumsy, this could be a sign that a brain tumor is impairing your control of your body.

Trouble Speaking

Have you begun slurring your words, even when you're not drinking? Perhaps you feel like you have to think extra hard to come up with the proper words to describe a situation or formulate a specific sentence. These can be signs of a brain tumor.

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