Five Tips To Avoid Being Stung By A Bee

While being stung by a bee typically isn't something that is to be awfully worried about, it is if you are allergic. Many people who are allergic to bees end up with serious problems that can even be fatal when faced with a bee sting. If you have recently discovered you are allergic to bees, you want to always keep these five tips in mind to avoid being stung:

  1. Wear Light Colors: Bees look for brightly colored objects since flowers are brightly colored. A bee is much less likely to land on you if you are wearing light colors that are not bright. Since the bee won't be attracted to land on you, it's much less likely to feel threatened towards you and sting. 
  2. Be Mindful of Your Scent: You don't want to buy any scents that smell like flowers. These scents are also going to attract bees, so be sure that you don't choose anything floral. Instead, it should be a neutral scent and if you are going to be outdoors, you might consider not wearing any scent at all. 
  3. Cover Your Body: When you are going to be outdoors where you know there will be bees, you should keep your body covered as best as you possibly can. If you are horribly allergic to bees, you should wear a wet suit when swimming or you can wear a swim suit in the pool, but completely cover up when you get out. 
  4. No Sugary Drinks: You want to avoid drinking sugary drinks when you are outdoors, as well and instead stick to water. Bees are extremely attracted to the sugar in sugary drinks. If you want a sugary drink, consume it indoors or have it in a bottle that can be sealed completely and wipe away any spills immediately. 
  5. Be Calm: If there is a bee near you, it's best to remain calm. Bees only string if they feel threatened, so don't start to swat or throw things at it. Instead, stay still, remain calm, and it should fly away quickly. If a bee lands on you, just stay still. It will soon fly away. 

When you consider these five tips, you can easily avoid being stung by a bee, which in turn is going to allow you to spend more times comfortably outdoors instead of constantly being worried.  Be sure that you are especially prepared if you know you are going to be in an area that has bees. Visit a site like for more help.