2 Dental Rinses For Protecting Your Nance Appliance From A Bacterial Infection

When your dentist installs your nance appliance the device is cemented onto your molars. This is done to ensure that your molars remain in place while wearing the device. The appliance also includes wires that run along your teeth. While these wires are not as constricting as braces, they can still trap food and other debris. If the debris is not removed, it can result in plaque buildup as well as a bacterial infection. The infection can end up harming healthy teeth in your mouth. To prevent this, it is important to be diligent with your dental care while wearing your nance appliance. Fortunately, there are a few oral rinses that you can use to help you do this.

Pomegranate Rinse

Pomegranate is often sold in juice form because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to rid the body of dangerous toxins. Pomegranate has also found its place in dental care. These same properties can help to prevent infection from developing while you wear your dental device. A pomegranate rinse can be created by cutting a fresh pomegranate into small pieces. Add the pieces of pomegranate to a juicer, and fill a cup with the juice. If you do not have a juicer, then you can use a blender. Make sure that you blend the pomegranate as smooth as possible. You can add a cup of water to thin out the mixture. Strain the pomegranate mix until you are left with just the juice. Use the pomegranate juice to clean out your mouth after you finish eating.

Lime Rinse

Limes are one of many citrus fruits that contain large amounts of antibacterial properties.As a result, the skin of a lime is used to create lime oil. The oil is used to cleanse open wounds and prevent infections. You can also use the lime oil to create your own antibacterial rinse. Simply cut up a fresh lime into small slices. Place the slices in a small pot and fill the pot with water. Allow the water to boil, then add four drops of lime oil. Wait for the rinse to cool, then use it to clean your mouth before bed. Hold the rinse in your mouth for at least a few minutes to ensure that your appliance is clean.

A nance appliance can help to protect your teeth from experiencing future dental issues. Therefore, use these tips to make sure the appliance remains in good condition and bacteria free.

If you have questions or need more advice on how to keep your nance appliance clean, you can talk to Rosenzweig Orthodontics.