4 Survival Tips For Getting Through The Holidays With An Addiction

Holidays can be very rough on those going through recovery for an addiction. In fact, there have been studies conducted that show an increase in drinking around the holidays. This is a time when addicts are especially susceptible to relapsing. Some of the contributors to this include family stress, holiday parties, and depression. The holidays should be special and a time where you can be with family and friends. In order to continue your recovery and avoid relapses, it is important to protect yourself against factors that could encourage you to lapse. Here are some tips to help you survive the holidays and create new memories while going through recovery. 

Attend Meetings

During the holidays, your schedule can fill up fast with family get togethers, holiday parties, and more. It can be hard to find time to attend your usual recovery meetings. Even with a hectic schedule, it is crucial to attend meetings so you can continue to receive support as you need it. Not only do the meetings allow you to reconnect with others who are going through similar battles, but it provides you encouragement to continue with your sobriety. Check out the sobriety meeting schedule to see if you can attend at different times if you have a lot going on during the holidays. 

Have an Excuse Prepared

Many holiday parties will have alcohol and other influences around that could push you back into addiction. If at all possible, you want to skip these type of parties. In some situations, you may feel that you need to be there. If this is the case, have an excuse already prepared for when you start feeling uncomfortable. You can choose to visit a friend after the party or to schedule something that allows you to get out of the party early. 

Stay Busy

One way to help avoid relapse during the holidays is to fill your time with great moments. Whether this means volunteering at a soup kitchen or traveling to meet some extended family, staying busy can help take your mind off the addiction. It can be more difficult to become depressed when you are around others, so remain close with family and friends during this time. 

Get an Accountability Partner

A sober friend can be the best tool to help you deal with addiction issues. When you find yourself struggling, you should have a support person that you can call anytime of the day and they be there to help you get through it. This could be a sponsor through your recovery program, a close friend you can count on, or a family member. Going through a hard time with someone else can make it much easier to get through the bad times. 

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