Is A Ponytail Facelift In Your Future?

Most women realize the benefits of pulling their hair into a tight ponytail. When you pull your hair high and tight, you help to lift your cheeks, brows, and jowls. This helps to reduce the signs of aging in your face. You can now achieve these results permanently with a minimally invasive procedure called a ponytail facelift.

What Is A Ponytail Facelift?

The ponytail facelift is a surgical procedure created by Dr. Philip Miller, who is a New York plastic surgeon. He created this in an effort to reproduce the youthful results women get when they wear a ponytail. This means that it does the following:

  • Tightens the skin
  • Elevates your brow
  • Lifts your cheeks
  • Smooths out the wrinkles in your forehead
  • Reduces your frown lines
  • Restores the volume in your face, which is often lost with aging

Although, the procedure can be performed on anyone, it is designed primarily for women who have just started to see the signs of aging.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

A ponytail facelift is unlike traditional facelift procedures which can be very time-consuming, and can leave you with days, if not weeks, of swelling and bruising. These procedures are performed in the doctor's office under a local anesthetic, only use a couple of incisions which are located over your ears, and in the edge of your hairline.

Once the incisions are made, the skin is lifted so the underlying ligaments can be cut, and the underlying layers can be repositioned. By doing it this way, it keeps you from having a windswept appearance and keeps the underlying tissue from stretching back out in a matter of weeks. The incisions are then closed with a couple of tiny stitches, and you are free to go home. The process usually takes approximately an hour.

Once you get home, you can expect to have some minor swelling and bruising, but it will not nearly be as invasive as it would be with a traditional facelift. Five days later you return to your surgeon's office to have your stitches removed.

Although everyone ages differently, you don't have to show the signs of aging if you don't want to show them! Various surgical interventions can keep these signs of aging at bay and the ponytail facelift is just one of them. Consult your plastic surgeon to see if this procedure is what he or she recommends. For more information, contact a professional like those at My Plastic Surgery Group.