Two Varicose Vein Myths You May Have Heard

There are many circulatory problems that people can develop as they age, and while many of these problems are not readily noticeable, varicose veins can be a major cosmetic issue for many individuals. While there are treatment options available for those with this problem, there are a couple of myths about these veins that are widely held. 

Myth: Varicose Veins Are Just A Cosmetic Problem

One of the most common complaints about varicose veins is that they are readily noticeable, and many people will feel self conscious about this problem. While these veins are a major cosmetic problem, they can also cause other problems for many people. For example, it is possible for these veins to rupture which can lead to severe bleeding, and they can also lead to the formation of ulcers and painful cysts. 

While the development of these problems are rare, they do strike many people, and if you are unlucky enough to develop these problems, you should immediately seek professional treatment. If these conditions are treated when they first develop, they may be able to be correct without major surgery. Heath therapy is a common nonsurgical treatment that seals the vein to prevent blood from flowing into the damaged portion of the vein. 

Myth: These Problems Can Not Be Prevented

Many people are under the impression that varicose veins can not be avoided. While it is true that these problems are very common, there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce the chances you develop these veins. 

Firstly, cardiovascular exercise is one of the most effective ways of preventing the development of varicose veins. When you are exercising, your heart rate and blood pressure will increase, and this can help keep your veins strong. By keeping the veins strong, you can help reduce the chances that it develops or ruptures. 

Secondly, you should make it a point to rest with your feet elevated. This will help prevent blood from pooling in the veins which leads to the formation of varicose veins. To help you keep your feet comfortably elevated, you should consider investing in a recliner or leg pillow. 

Varicose veins can be an embarrassing and painful problem to develop. Sadly, many people make the mistake of believing some common varicose vein myths. By debunking these myths, you will have a stronger understanding of these veins, and this can help you avoid them or understand the importance of having them treated. Consult professionals, such as those found through, with any further questions you might have.