Obstetrics in Olathe KS

Obstetrics Health Sciences Obstetrics is a medical specialty that deals with pregnancy and child birth. Your postpartum period after giving birth to your child and taking care of your newborn are both included in obstetrics care. Obstetrics Olathe KS Obstetrics health sciences involve your prenatal care and the trimester growth and development of your child. What to expect during each trimester of child growth can help you to enjoy your pregnancy and aid in providing the best prenatal care. The following are several of the developments and events to expect during each trimester of your pregnancy:
  • Your prenatal care is important since any adverse events can create complications for your pregnancy. You will need to have routine office visits that include physical exams and routine lab tests.
  • Your first trimester needs to have a complete blood count taken and any indications for diseases need to be addressed during this critical period. Ultrasound testing can show you how your fetus is growing.
  • Your second trimester may include blood tests to rule out any odd patterns or low number counts. Any fetus defects may be indicated with abnormal blood tests. Women who are older during pregnancy or who have a medical history of certain complications may need to be particularly cautious during a second trimester period.
  • Your third trimester may include certain screenings and IV penicillin can be used for any disease indications. A glucose assessment is frequently given to rule out any diabetic issues. Your blood pressure will be assessed on a regular basis as well.
Examinations During Your Pregnancy Additional examinations are used during your pregnancy to assure you that your fetus is growing and developing appropriately. The following are tests that may be used during your child's development:
  • Imaging is a state of the art examination that provides a dating scan of your fetus at several gestational ages.
  • X-rays and computerized tomography (CT scans) are not used during pregnancy because of their ionizing radiation emissions.
  • Obstetric ultrasonography is the type of imaging method that is frequently used for obstetrics imaging. This type of imaging does not emit any radiation.
Summary Obstetrics health sciences use state of the art imaging techniques that allow you and your obstetrician to carefully watch the growth of your child. Any intercurrent disorders or diseases that may create complications are watched critically as well. Childbirth can include induction, an elective labor delivery or a natural childbirth. Obstetric care includes postnatal health services to the child and mother.