Tips For Adjusting To Your New Hearing Aid

When you receive your first hearing aid, you'll have to attend a training appointment with your audiologist. That appointment will be where you learn how to take care of your hearing aid and how to use it properly. Here are a few of the key tips that you'll need to know to get the most from your hearing aids. Invest in a Battery Tester You can typically get a couple weeks from a hearing aid battery, but it can be hard to tell when a battery is ready to die. Read More 

Eye Exams Matter: Making Your Eye Care A Priority This Year

The new year is starting, and with its arrival you can and likely will take a look at yourself and your personal habits and priorities to determine how you are going to make adjustments and changes in the new year. One of the areas you may not have thought of but should keep in mind when deciding how to improve yourself in the new year is to make your eye health a priority going forward. Read More 

Why You Should Only Trust Your Teeth Whitening To Your Dentist

There are a number of teeth whitening kits available at your local drug store. Price and convenience are a draw for many people. But when you compare the risks and results of a kit versus using a cosmetic dentist, it's likely that you'll be much happier with the results from your dentist. Here is how the whitening process differs between the two approaches. Teeth Whitening By a Professional Your dentist will first clean the plaque and tartar off of your teeth, because the whitening agent won't come into contact with the tooth enamel otherwise. Read More 

Options For Treating Arthritis In Children

Arthritis is a condition that affects many older people, and is largely believed to be a malady that only the elderly deal with. However, according to a recent article published, arthritis in children is actually quite common. This condition causes pain in the joints, and can lead to severe joint damage and decreased mobility if left undiagnosed and untreated.  Signs and Symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis One of the most common symptoms of juvenile arthritis is joint pain; this pain is generally worse after a nap or a full night's sleep. Read More 

What Can Your Hair Reveal About Your Health?

Your health can be reflected by your hair. Your body talks to you every time you lose hair or have those ugly flakes showing up uninvited. You may need to take extra time and take care of your health. After all, your hair is an extension from your body. The question is: how much do you know about what your hair is trying to tell you? Dandruff Special shampoos can treat dandruff easily, but those thick patches may be psoriasis. Read More