With Great Technology Comes Conditions Like Computer Vision Syndrome

Computers changed the world and in doing so, also created some medical problems for millions of people working jobs that entail sitting in front of a computer most of the day. The eye strain caused by a computer monitor is a lot different that the eye strain caused by reading the pages in a book. If you work on a computer every day, learning more about how to protect your vision while doing so is extremely important.

Breaks Are For More Than Just Eating Lunch

Taking a few minutes to step away from the computer can make a huge difference for your eyes, allowing them a break from the strain the computer places on them. Simply taking time to look away from the monitor completely for about ten minutes every hour is recommended to avoid devastating effects on your eyes caused by CVS. Make time to do your paperwork or to take your outgoing mail down to a courier. Doing so can mean the difference in you maintaining optimum eye health and clear vision.

A Little Thing Called Lag Accommodation

If you experience blurry vision when you look down at your keyboard or desk after looking at your monitor for a period of time, you are experiencing lag accommodation. Lag accommodation describes the delay it takes for your eyes to see clearly after focusing on a computer screen for a long period of time. Lag accommodation is the direct cause of headaches and damaging eye strain.

Are You Having Symptoms of CVS?

Making sure the symptoms you may be experiencing are being caused by CVS is extremely important. Avoid wearing drug store glasses to improve your vision while working on your computer because they are only magnifying lenses. If you need prescription lenses, wearing magnifying lenses on a regular basis could worsen your vision.

Investing In Specially Designed Computer Glasses

Special computer glasses are designed to reduce the eye strain that causes the blurry vision and headaches associated with CVS. Wearing computer glasses can help to reduce the loss of vision that is commonly associated with CVS. Your eye doctor can provide you with a pair if computer glasses with lenses specially made to improve your vision problems.

Taking care of your eyes is extremely important. However, so many people take advantage of their vision until it starts to fail them. Do not let vision loss sneak up on you. Take the steps now to protect your eyesight, especially if you work on a computer for many hours each day.

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